Mexico Legalizes Abortion

Monday, May 7, 2007

Mexico has recently legalized abortion in its country.  It is supposed to be a big step in the rights of the people that live there.  This is especially significant in Mexico due to the large percentage of Catholics living there, which are against abortion.  Women will now have this right not granted them before.  I do not necessarily agree with this as being a great thing for the women there.  I see there being more important issues that will benefit women more than their right to have an abortion.  Although, this is often seen as important to the progress of women’s rights for a country.  Mexico had already allowed abortions in the case of rape, birth defects, or health problems related to the mother.  These are the reasons why abortions should be allowed and they were already covered.  Now, it allows people to be less responsible for their actions and decisions.  It’s a step in the direction of becoming more like the U.S., but there are many different issues that Mexico should be paying more attention to than whether or not abortions are allowed. 


Drug Cartels Fight Over Drug Smuggling Routes In Mexico Have Led To Much Violence

Sunday, April 22, 2007;_ylt=Ao8crKxGFF0bRy2hUdo4Kdi3IxIF

Two drug cartels in the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon have been fighting over the drug routes to the United States.  In doing so, many people are suffering and already 16 police officers have been killed this year.  The fight has moved from the border city of Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey.  Drugs are a big problem in Mexico and the cartels there show no regard for authority.  They will kill the police and each other in order to keep selling the drugs to the U.S.  It is a big problem because drugs provide so much money that people will do anything they can to continue selling them.  People who are living there can be the innocent victims of violence if they happen to be in the way.  The country must handle the problem soon because already 42 people have been killed there this year, with 16 of them being policemen. 

Mexican Migration

Sunday, March 4, 2007;_ylt=An9ESTnamQHVyvAusTxyKDC3IxIF

Mexico is attempting to reform its current immigration laws on both of its borders.  This is much needed because of the violence that occurs at both of the borders.  Mexico wants us to protect its citizens that cross into our country illegally, but it has not been doing the same for citizens from Central American countries that cross over its borders.  It is very dangerous for people to go into Mexico because the police and immigration officials are corrupt and mistreat people that come into their country.  There are also gangs at the southern border that rob and beat people crossing into Mexico.  This is much more dangerous and violent than the simple deportation technique that the U.S. uses when finding illegal immigrants.  Then they expect the U.S. to be fair and just when treating the illegal immigrants that come to our country, but they do not have the same standards.  Hopefully, Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon, will be able to do something to rectify this growing problem and make necessary changes.  Something must be done in Mexico to make it safer for people crossing their borders whether for work or for leisure.  They cannot expect other countries to treat their people fair if they are unwilling to do the same.

Death on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Friday, February 9, 2007

On Thursday night, three men were killed in the U.S. near the border of Mexico.  According to an article on, “Mexico wants a full investigation by U.S. authorities on Friday into a shooting on the U.S. border that left three illegal migrants dead and two injured.”  This has been an on-going theme and Mexico is upset that its citizens are being killed at our borders.  People in the U.S. are starting to take the border control into their own hands.  “U.S.-Mexico relations over their 2,000-mile (3,200-km) border have been tense since gangs of U.S. vigilantes who call themselves Minutemen began staking out the border area in 2005 to hunt for illegal Mexican and Central American immigrants.” 

Many Americans do not want illegal immigrants allowed in the United States because they go to schools, receive medical benefits, and take jobs but do not pay all the taxes associated with it.  Many people have come across the border from Mexico to work illegally because the wages are much better in the U.S.  The U.S. is unable to stop all the illegal immigration because there are so many people coming over.  At the same time, no people should take it in their own hands to uphold what they feel is justice.  These vigilantes have no right to kill illegal immigrants crossing the border.  They can lock them up or show the law enforcement where they are, but they should not kill other human beings.  Mexico has a right to want these killings to be investigated because these people did not deserve death.  The U.S. and Mexico must cooperate at the borders because there is such a large area to cover and because there are so many people involved.  They need to keep peaceful relations because they are so close and intertwined economically.


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Friday, January 19, 2007

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